sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

Unit 12. Jobs and ambitions

Jet Li

Li Lianjie , better known by his stage name Jet Li. He is a Chinese martial artist, actor, film producer, wushu champion, and international film star. He works in dozens of film studios and stages in the U.S. He thinks it’s an interesting work because his passion is martial arts. He is hardworking and quiet.

Mike Shinoda

Michael "Mike" Kenji Shinoda is an American musician, record producer, and artist. He is the rapper, principal songwriter, keyboardist, vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Linkin Park. He works in a music studio with the band and he has performed on stages around the world. It’s a very funny and interesting job, but sometimes it’s exhausting. He is hardworking, funny and outgoing.

Lionel Messi
He is an Argentine footballer. He plays for FC Barcelona and captains the Argentina national team , mainly as a striker. He trains with the team in La Masia. It’s a funny and interesting job, he must train everyday. He is serious and friendly.

Jennifer Lopez 

She is also known as J-Lo. She is an American actress, singer, record producer, dancer, television personality, and fashion designer. She currently works in a music studio in New York. She is kind and hardworking.

Eileen Abad
She is a Venezuelan actress and model. She works in Telemundo and others television companies. She thinks it’s an excellent work for her because she loves act. She is very sympathetic and funny.